Chalton Street Project

- Market of social value

The story of the Chalton Street project is a good example that a design process doesn‘t need to be a tool solely for designers and creators, but also an opportunity for local people to participate in positive contributions to their communities. The whole project was situated specifically to the Somers Town in London Camden district and was under the wings of The St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre. The main aim was to become a part of the renovation of the local Chalton Street Market by designing three pieces of street or market furniture in order to support the social value of the area.

Designers - Anlan Chen, Elliot Quinn, Federica Minini, Jiatong Kang, Jody Leach, Keyi Chen, Lukáš Jan Němec, Mia Lin, Mohammad Hossain Saeb, Tyler Gindraux, Victor Bassigny, Zijie Lin

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