nomen omen


nomen omen is a creative initiative where design meets people face to face. We are advocates of a participatory process. We give voice to unheeded.


In the times where overproduction is a huge issue, the global situation shows to be unsustainable and the perspective of the majority appears to be driven mainly by the vision of a finance profit, the design industry is standing in front of a noticeable challenge. Why to design, how and for whom? Nomen omen initiative is asking the question of what is the role of design in today society. It raises the concern of what is the agenda of nowadays designers and how can the design process be used as a tool of a structural and systematic change.

mental health

To be able to articulate some of these questions it is necessary to choose an environment to operate in. In the case of momen omen it is an area of mental health, that turned out to be inspiringly challenging. The motivation is based on the idea of bringing a creative approach to the field which is hidden in a shade of a certain stigma, strangeness and unfamiliarity. It is an adequate field where it is possible to re-think what can be an alternative motivation for design.


case study 



The project Mirror Self has been done as a master project at Central Saint Martins in London. It became certain probe to the area of connecting design practices with mental health and thus to tangibly articulate some issues of the field and contribute to its stigmatization. The project was done mainly in collaboration with the 3rd faculty of Medicine in Prague.